Welfare Money to Be Restricted February 6, 2012 Comments Off on Welfare Money to Be Restricted

The benefit program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, allows low-income families with cash assistance. This cash is usually accessed through a transfer card that can be used as a debit card. The cash from the program is meant to be used on necessities, such as food and rent.

Unfortunately, a media report found that these cards are being used in liquor stores, clubs, casinos and even cruise ships.

A new bill passed legislation that requires states to ban the ability to access government benefits at strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos.

“This legislation stops waste, fraud, and abuse within the welfare program,” said Rep. Charles Boustany, Jr., a Louisiana Republican. “It protects the public interest by ensuring money meant to help Americans get back on their feet is used for that very purpose.”

Some are saying that it is not fair to leave those with these cards to search high and low for an ATM. If the closest ATM is in a liquor store, some people say that they should be able to use it.

First-time Unemployment Rising January 27, 2012 Comments Off on First-time Unemployment Rising

The Labor Department reported that the number of people that filed for initial unemployment benefits in the week of Jan. 21st reached 377,000. This means that the number was up 21,000 from the week before.

Many economists believe that the week to week numbers can be very volatile and that the overall picture is much more important.  The overall trend has been a downward trend, showing that the number of people that are filing for first-time unemployment benefits is decreasing.

During the worst times of this recession the unemployment offices across the nation filed as many as 659,000 initial claims in a single work.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans remain jobless. 3.6 million people filed for their second week of unemployment benefits.  Although the trend shows progress, we still have a long ways to go.

Netflix Has Learned Its Lessons December 6, 2011 Comments Off on Netflix Has Learned Its Lessons

There are a lot of people that have turned away from Netflix after they decided to raise their prices this year. There are a lot of people that do not realize that Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings has a clear view of the way that the public has changed their view of his company.

Customers started complaining and cancelling with such high rates that Netflix reversed their plan to charge separate prices for DVDs-by-mail and streaming videos.

“We moved too fast with it,” Hastings said. “We berate ourselves tremendously.”

As he gave the media a blunt talk about the company, he emphasized that the company is going towards streaming. Although the company will not do anything to hurt the DVD business, their focus will continue to be on their streaming.

Over the past six months Netflix’s stocks are down 74%. Hopefully, the company has learned its lesson and will be able to start increasing the number of people that view the company positively.